The Religious Experience: How Our Government is Manufacturing Collectivism

Before the Occupy Wall Street protest began, I knew it was coming.  Al Gore, Van Jones, and other progressives had been calling for an “American Spring” or an “American Autumn” in response to the Arab Spring for some time.  I always found this very dangerous and irresponsible.  These progressive politicians, journalists, and self-appointed spokespeople were telling young, impressionable, idealistic liberal Americans to mimic the bloody, violent revolutions of the Middle East, the outcomes of which are still unknown.  We have no idea if the Arab Spring will be a victory for democracy, yet these people are telling Americans to mimic these violent revolutions.  For the last couple of years, Van Jones and George Soros and others have been saying that the next socialist revolution has already begun, but it cannot merely work from the top down as it has been.  They’ve been saying we must apply pressure from the top and the bottom if we want this socialist revolution to be a success.  The pressure from the top is the banks who own the government.  The pressure from the bottom is the “grassroots” movements such as the Tea Party (co-opted by the Koch brothers) and Occupy Wall Street (co-opted by George Soros and the unions), who think they own the government.  Occupy Wall Street is happening exactly like Jones, Gore, Soros, and the progressives said and hoped it would.  It has spread to every major city in the U.S., and has now gone global, sparking protests in Rome, Berlin, Frankfurt, Melbourne, Sydney, Taiwan, London, etc.  So far, Van Jones’ “American Autumn” has been a success, but surely he and the progressives who called for it won’t be completely satisfied until it turns bloody and violent, and it will.  It’s not an American Spring they want.  It’s an American fall.

I’ll come back to the Occupy Wall Street protests and what they mean, but now I want to talk about the mind game of religion.  Watching these protests over the weeks has made me realize something very important in how a few leaders can manipulate and control an entire group.  It caused me to revisit the reason I stopped listening to music and going to concerts.  Through this thought process I was able to come to a great revelation.  What is the one thing a man will give his life for, other than his family and loved ones?  His religion.  How does a man become so devoted to his religion, to God, that he would give up his life fighting for it?  This is the question many tyrants have asked for thousands of years, and the answer they found gave them the power to control and prey upon their people.

All churches of all religions and all denominations know that their power lies within their unity.  Almost every church service in every country is centered around chanting and singing and praying in unison.  In Christian churches people sing hymns and Psalms, and recite prayers and the Divine Liturgy.  In the Orthodox Church, the majority of the service is dedicated to reciting liturgy in a chant and return or chant and reply format.  It is through this unified worship that the church body becomes one, and therein lies the source of its Divine power.  One can certainly feel the power of God in one’s personal relationship with God, and one can be empowered through individual prayer, but there is no denying that there is nothing more powerful and more awesome than the coming together of unified Christian brothers and sisters in worship.  The Church is the Bride of Christ and was created for this purpose.  And it is through the power of the Church that men and women are instilled with the devotion to and the love for their religion and God, so much so that they will fight for it and give up their lives for it.

So how does a tyrannical government use the power of the religious mentality against a society to enslave its people?  It is all around us everyday.    I first noticed it in music.  I was at a Boxer Rebellion concert at a club in Los Angeles.  Since I had never heard of the band or their music, I was able to observe without being sucked in to the ritual, unlike every other concert I had been to.  The first thing I noticed was the sea of cell phones being held up in the air, recording the concert.  I remembered how people used to hold up lighters.  Then I watched how the audience sang the lyrics of the songs while the band performed them.  Why would anyone pay $50 for a ticket to listen to themselves sing when they’ve got the band performing right in front of them?  Then I watched as the band would hold the microphone out to the audience, commanding them to sing a certain part of the song while the band was silent.  At the time, I was just weirded-out by a large group of people all singing the same song in unison.  Or when the band would say “Is everybody having a good time tonight?” and the crowd would obediently answer back with unified cheers.  It was all very corny to me and I vowed that I would never go to another concert again, and since then I have stopped listening to music all together, with the exception of classical and instrumental post-rock.

I noticed the same thing with sports.  People at sporting events in a stadium have numerous chants that they bark out in unison.  “Defense!  Defense!”, or “Let’s go [insert team name here], let’s go!”, “Charge!”, etc.  You know the chants I mean.  It was when I saw the Occupy Wall Street protests that I was able to put all of this together.  Before the protesters begin their march for the day, they come together in a group to have a meeting to discuss what they need to do.  But it’s not just one person saying what’s going on.  They do the oddest thing.  One person standing before the group will say a few words and then the group will repeat those words in unison.  It’s the “call and return” routine, also known as “the people’s microphone”.  Seeing it in such a setting is very creepy and disconcerting.  It’s watching mass mind control in action; the destruction of the individual and the manufacturing of collectivism.  It’s not like in a protest march where the protesters are all chanting the same thing over and over.  It was simple, silly things these people were calling and returning.  For example: (they even repeat her name!)

And so on.  They do this with every announcement or speech.  So what do concerts, sports, and protests have in common?  Mass mind control and the manufacturing of collectivism.  The object is to manufacture the “religious experience” by manipulating the minds of the masses.  They manufacture patriotism by making us recite the pledge of allegiance and sing the national anthem from a young age.  No sane, logical man would give up his life for a chunk of land and a ruling elite called the government.  As I said before, man will only give his life for his religion, but tyrants need soldiers and soldiers must be willing to sacrifice their lives for their country.  And so, they turn patriotism into a religion by manufacturing the “religious experience” through national songs and slogans and chants and pledges of allegiance, not to mention the founding documents we treat like scripture and the founding fathers whom we treat like apostles and saints.

The same is done with entertainment.  While religion gives man focus, meaning, and morality, tyrants and those who wish to enslave mankind attempt to use the same means to enslave man to sports, music, and political movements.  In church, people recite prayers and sing hymns.  In sports, the stadiums are filled with people chanting sports cheers.  At concerts, musicians point their microphone at the audience and the audience obediently recites the lyrics in unison or throws their hands in the air at the command of their idols.  At a protest, people chant their political slogans and practice call and return.  The point is to turn entertainment and politics into a religion.  While true religion aims to focus man’s attention on virtuous and meaningful living, the religion of entertainment aims to distract man with the most meaningless thing of all.

Just as men give their lives for religion, men have now been manipulated into giving their lives to entertainment, just as they were manipulated (and still are manipulated) into giving their lives for king and country.  They are enslaved by it, and this is precisely what the tyrants wanted.  Like patriotism, they turned entertainment into a religious experience so that man would willingly give his life to it, become obsessed with it, possessed by it, devoted to it, until he was completely enslaved by it.  Nothing makes the masses vulnerable to collectivism like entertainment does.  This generation of youth is more likely to follow the commands of its favorite musicians or its political idols than it is to follow the teachings of pastors, or even the teachings of Jesus Christ.  Why does it feel so good, so invigorating, so euphoric, to sing lyrics with a band at a concert?  Why is it so much fun to chant sports chants at a sporting event?  Because we are manufacturing the religious experience.  Why does it feel so good to recite prayers and sing hymns in unison in church?  Because through the power of that unity, our church body transcends the material world and comes closer to God.  The endorphins released during such a transcendental experience are the same endorphins we release when we sing with a band at a concert or chant at a sporting event or chant at a protest or sing the national anthem.  And this is how tyrants make us vulnerable and prey on the power of the religious experience.  They’ve made us believe that worshipping entertainment will bring us closer to God, when in reality it is the complete opposite.

So, while this move toward collectivism in America has been going on under the radar since the beginning of the 20th Century, the 60s put it out in the open to make it hip and trendy, only it came out under a different name: liberalism.  As presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of America, Norman Thomas, once said, “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism.  But, under the name of ‘liberalism’, they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”  As the children of the most selfish and the most extreme generation in United States history, our generation has been conditioned and indoctrinated into this collectivist, relativist religion of the masses, and is prepared to carry out with great vigor where our parents’ generation failed.

The progressives I mentioned earlier have been building toward this Occupy Wall Street movement for years now, only it wasn’t theirs when it began.  It began as the coming together of liberals and libertarians, an equal number of both, who were protesting against crony capitalism and the Federal Reserve, and rightly so.  But Van Jones and George Soros, and the lot of them, saw their grassroots revolution beginning and quickly swooped in to co-opt it for the liberal/progressive/collectivist/Marxist cause by sending in their proxies like Michael Moore, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon and other celebrities to turn it into a trendy anti-capitalist movement.  In the first weeks of the protest, the anti-Federal Reserve libertarians were on record saying that they were being pushed out of the Occupy Wall Street movement by the liberals and that it had been co-opted by Soros and the unions.

But Van Jones and George Soros are not the puppet masters.  They are puppets themselves, which makes us the puppets of the puppets.  The people pulling the strings are the banks!  The very institutions against which these people are protesting are the ones who created the movement, or rather created the economic environment that would breed such a movement, and the Occupy movement is precisely what they wanted, what they envisioned, what they intended when they began dismantling our economy.  Their goal is to create collectivism at the bottom and totalitarian fascism at the top.  If the banks can create a collectivist society, rather than an individualist and free one, then they will have free reign over everything.  This global rise against the banks, against aristocracy, against the 1% is exactly what the 1% wants, nay, it’s what they need.  Collectivism is born out of chaos.  The best way to gain control of a people is to manufacture instability.  And that is what the banks have done.  When control of this revolution falls out of the hands of the revolutionaries (perhaps it already has), the banks will send in their proxies, i.e. the governments, to end the madness and bring back order, and that “order” will be established not merely through collectivism, but through totalitarianism.

And so, while the progressive left claims this Occupy Wall Street protest as their “grassroots” movement and compares it to the Arab Spring and the French Revolution, remember that while the outcome of the Arab Spring is not yet known, the outcome of the French Revolution is known, but often overlooked.  In case you have forgotten, the French Revolution ended with Napoleon Bonaparte seizing power.  That is the fate that awaits us at the end of this “American Autumn” if it continues to escalate here and all around the globe.


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