The United Police States of America: How We’ve Traded Our Freedom for Totalitarianism

“It is a mistake to believe that the contemporary wars and depressions and political threats are the total cause of our anxiety, for our anxiety also causes these catastrophes.  The anxiety prevalent in our day and the succession of economic and political catastrophes our world has been going through are both symptoms of the same underlying cause, namely the traumatic changes occurring in Western society.  Fascist and Nazi totalitarianism, for example, do not occur because a Hitler or Mussolini decides to seize power.  When a nation, rather, is prey to insupportable economic want and is psychologically and spiritually empty, totalitarianism comes in to fill the vacuum; and the people sell their freedom as a necessity for getting rid of the anxiety which is too great for them to bear any longer.” – Rollo May, Man’s Search for Himself

Though existential psychologist Rollo May wrote these words in 1953, they seem to have only grown in relevance as time passed, and are more relevant now, as we begin the year 2012, than they ever have been.

Throughout history, nations and societies have fought to find a balance between which liberties are worth sacrificing for security and protection by the State, and which liberties are God-given, unalienable rights that should not and cannot be sacrificed at any price.  When Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, he showed the world once and for all that all liberties are inherent and unalienable, and none of these liberties are worth sacrificing for security and protection, nor is it necessary or even permissible to sacrifice them.

We’ve fallen so far since the Founding Fathers drafted the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, The Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, establishing the first truly free nation in history.  Now, the media, namely publications like the New York Times, are questioning the relevance of these founding documents, asking if they’re archaic and even applicable to the 21st Century.  While our First Amendment gives us freedom of speech and the right to peaceably assemble, we must now pay for a permit to protest and exercise our right to free speech, and once said permit is obtained, our free speech and peaceful assembly is restricted to “free speech zones”.  It is shameful for the State to unlawfully restrict our First Amendment rights, but it is pathetic and weak and reprehensible for the people to stand for and allow such injustice; to willingly give up their rights for security, protection, and peace of mind.

Because of our weakness, our fear, our apathy, we have opened the doors to a Police State; because of our psychological and spiritual emptiness, we have created a vacuum and totalitarianism has come in to fill it.  Just look at the steps our country has taken towards a Police State since the horrific events of 9/11.  How scared we were after the attack!  The Government didn’t have to pull our arm at all to get us to give up our freedoms in exchange for protection and security.  We threw off the cloak of liberty and trampled it in the ashes of the World Trade Towers, and we put on the chains of security and fastened our frail little hands behind our backs, begging the State to take over our lives and do whatever was necessary to keep us safe and ensure we’re never attacked again.  At the memorials for the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, the politicians who told us to give up our rights for security and peace of mind gave plenty of cliché speeches that we weak, grieving citizens longed to hear, saying things like, “The terrorists thought they could destroy our way of life, break our will, and buckle our knees, but we proved them wrong!” or “Since the attacks, our nation has become more united and stronger than ever before, and we’re a greater nation than we have ever been,” and other such clichés.  But those speeches were lies.  They were just empty words to make us feel like giving up our rights was the correct choice.  The truth is, since 9/11, we have failed.  We have lost.  The “terrorists” won.  Our way of life was changed, our will was broken, and our knees did buckle, and we cowered in fear.  We did precisely what the terrorists wanted us to do; we gave up our freedom because they made us afraid.  And now, we’re more divided and polarized than we ever have been.  Our economy has collapsed, and a big part of that is because we’ve been exhausting ourselves in two wars for the last ten years.  The Western freedom that these terrorists apparently hate so much was successfully destroyed, and it was not destroyed by bands of angry Muslims living in caves in some Middle Eastern desert; it was destroyed by the real terrorists: our own Government.

Most people believe the offical story of 9/11, that it was carried out by al-Qaeda and Muslim extremists, while a small minority known as “truthers” believe 9/11 was a false flag terrorist attack, meaning our own government was behind the attacks (or at the very least knew about them and allowed them to happen) and blamed it on the CIA-created and trained terrorist cell known as al-Qaeda. Either way, the people who were responsible for the attack on 9/11 wanted to produce only one result: anxiety.  They wanted to instill in the American people the level of anxiety necessary for them to give up their freedom.  And they were 100% successful. We sold our freedom and paved the way for totalitarianism to come in and fill the vacuum because we were too weak to bear the weight of anxiety, and too psychologically and spiritually empty to know how to deal with the anxiety ourselves; instead, we asked our Government to deal with it for us.  We sold our freedom for the PATRIOT Act.  We’ve sold it for the National Defense Authorization Act, which repeals Posse Comitatus and defines the homeland as the battlefield, giving the military the authority to arrest and detain American citizens indefinitely.  We sold it for the Department of Homeland Security Act and thought it would be a good idea to let DHS absorb FEMA and the TSA.  And, now, on the heels of Obama’s signing of the NDAA bill into law, we are preparing to sell our freedom for the Enemy Expatriation Act, which would allow our government to strip Americans of their citizenship.

We sold our Fourth Amendment to the TSA without even requiring legislation to get rid of it.  When the Underwear Bomber tried to blow up a plane on Christmas of 2009, we allowed the Department of Homeland Security and the TSA to roll out the most intrusive searches in our nation’s history and to completely violate our Fourth Amendment protections from unjustified and unwarranted searches.  We willingly walk through X-Ray machines that make us appear completely naked.  Have we no dignity?  Not to mention the TSA has now been caught covering up a surge in cancer rates among TSA workers as a result of their close proximity to the naked body scanners.  Should we be surprised that radiation is bad for us, that it causes cancer?  Yet, we continue to walk through these microwaves, telling our Government we’d rather risk dying of cancer and expose our naked bodies than have our liberties restored.  Luckily, we have the option to opt-out of the naked body scanners, in which case we are subjected to intrusive “pat downs”, which permits TSA workers to molest young children and stick their hands down our pants and grab our genitals.

At the beginning of the 2011 NFL football season, the Department of Homeland Security announced that it would now be employing TSA-style searches and pat-downs upon entry into the football stadiums.  Just a month or so later, DHS and TSA began setting up checkpoints on our interstates and highways, even admitting that these checkpoints are not a “response to any particular threat.”  But long before the TSA checkpoints on the highways, people living in border-states were already quite familiar with illegal checkpoints.  For years, the Border Patrol has had hundreds of checkpoints 100 miles in from the U.S.-Mexico border.  They say these checkpoints are to verify citizenship, in which case they would be perfectly legal.  But they don’t merely verify citizenship; they have dogs sniffing cars for drugs, and they illegally search vehicles for narcotics.  It is illegal for them to set up a narcotics checkpoint, for it violates our Fourth Amendment rights, so they masquerade as citizenship verification checkpoints, which is still very Gestapoesque.  Meanwhile, while the TSA and Border Patrol treat us as guilty of smuggling drugs and terrorism until proven innocent, Wells Fargo and Bank of America have been caught laundering Mexican cartel drug money!  Wachovia admitted to laundering $378.4 billion in cartel drug money, and what was the punishment for the crime?  Wachovia paid $160 million in fines in 2009, which is only 2% of the $12.3 billion they made in profits that year.  But while we American citizens are treated like criminals, guilty until proven innocent, the banks get a slap on the wrist and a bailout.  But they are not to blame.  We are the ones who have allowed this to go on.  We are the ones who sold our liberty and our soul for security and protection.  Instead, we got a Police State, a Fascist Dictatorship, a Totalitarian Government owned by the Banks and the Ruling Elite.

The obedient, servitude-loving citizens will argue that flying, driving on highways, and going to football games are privileges, not rights, which makes it acceptable for the TSA to use intrusive, under the clothes pat-downs on 5 year old girls and to look inside babies’ diapers and to subject people to high radiation scanners that make them appear completely nude on computer.  It is the airlines’ and the NFL’s right to employ such tactics (not that we should believe they had any choice in the matter), but that was never the point.  DHS said from the beginning that it would begin at the airports, and when that became acceptable, the TSA-style checkpoints would then be used in malls, in stadiums, in schools, and on the streets and highways.  They’ve admitted their intentions.  But the purpose of these checkpoints is not to protect people or catch terrorists.  The point is to indoctrinate people into totalitarianism–into the Police State.  It’s psychological warfare.  It always has been.  It’s not about rights and privileges.  It’s about changing the way we think.  It’s about indoctrination.  It’s about conditioning us to accept authoritarian-style tactics as a part of everyday life.

We’ve accepted the intrusive airport security because rational people say it’s a privilege to fly.  Once the DHS won that battle, they rolled out the next thing, which was TSA at the football stadiums.  Now that we’ve accepted that without too much of a fight, they’ve begun rolling out TSA checkpoints on our interstates and highways.  Once we accept that as a way of life, they will roll out the next thing.  Probably TSA at the schools.  They already tried it once, but it got so much negative publicity that they had to back off.  But they’ll try it again once people are conditioned to accept it after this NFL-DHS partnership and highway checkpoint nonsense.  Janet Napolitano is on over 9,000 TV screens at Wal-Marts all over America telling the customers not to trust anybody–that “if you see something, say something”.  Recently, her “see something, say something” campaign has moved into hotels all over America, so that the first thing guests will see when they turn on the TV at the Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton, and Holiday Inn, will be Janet Napolitano’s face, telling them to spy on their neighbor and trust no one.

Then we find out that the Department of Homeland Security coordinated the 18-city police crackdown on the Occupy protests.  This is absolutely reprehensible.  I don’t support the Occupy Wall Street movement because I know it has been co-opted by George Soros and Van Jones, and is unwittingly doing the bidding of the Elite Bankers, but I do support their First Amendment rights, and when American citizens are peaceably assembling to protest and petition the Government for a redress of grievances, they are not required to do so with a paid-permit or within a “free speech zone”.  It is their right to camp and occupy and protest for as long as is necessary, until the Government dutifully carries out its obligation to the people it is employed to serve.  The Occupy protesters are wrong, but what the local police and the Department of Homeland Security and the TSA are doing is unconstitutional.

How much more proof do we need to see that we are not merely headed towards a Police State, but that we are in fact living in one right now?  What will it take to open the eyes of the apathetic, fearful, servile American people, to show them that they have traded their freedom for security; that we have created a vacuum and totalitarianism is trying to fill it?  As long as we continue to believe that the actions taken by our Government since the attacks of 9/11 have been a success, we will continue to allow this Police State to grow.  As long as we fail to recognize that the true terrorists are the Bankers, the CEOs, the Media, the Lobbyists, the Politicians, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Club of Rome, the Bilderberg Group, the United Nations, the Globalists, the Elite, the “New World Order”, our own Governments, we will continue to allow this totalitarian global Police State to grow, and we will continue to give up our liberties, our God-given rights, in exchange for protection and security, and in the end we will be left with neither freedom nor security.



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